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Brussels, 11 May 2005

Charlie McCREEVY, European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services

Statement on Recognition of Professional Qualifications Directive

Commissioner Charlie McCreevy welcomes today’s vote in the European Parliament on the proposed Directive on the recognition of professional qualifications. He said: “With this Directive, we will inaugurate a new era for professionals migrating within our Internal Market. The excellent co-operation between Parliament, Council and Commission provides us with a major success story in the field of the Internal Market.”

This Directive will consolidate fifteen existing Directives in the field of recognition of professional qualifications for regulated professions. While maintaining the main existing guarantees for migrants, the Directive will improve conditions of free movement and ensure a simpler management of the system.

One key element of the new Directive is the facilitation of temporary and occasional provision of services, in particular through lighter formalities and through a limitation of the prior check of qualifications to professions which have health or safety implications. The final result strikes a balance between the right to free movement of fully qualified professionals and the need to protect consumers. Other developments introduced by the new Directive include more automatic recognition on the basis of common platforms and increased involvement of representatives from professions.

The adoption of this Directive will highly contribute to skills’ mobility and brings us closer to the objective of a more competitive Europe set out in the Lisbon agenda.

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