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Brussels, 17 October 2001

Modification in the budget breakdown for the Research Framework Programme (2002-2006) as proposed by the European Commission. Amended proposal for the budget for the heading "Anticipating the EU's scientific and technological needs"

An amended proposal has been presented for a council decision concerning the Research Framework Programme 2002-2006. More specifically, a modified proposal was made for the specific programme "Integrating and strengthening the European Research Area". In this amended proposal the initial budget for the flexible part of this programme, namely "Anticipating the EU's scientific and technological needs" has been changed: the original budget was € 2 345 billion (including € 715 million for the Joint Research Centre). In the modified proposal the amount for the Joint Research Centre has been shifted to another programme. Moreover, € 450 million were allocated to specific activities for SMEs and another € 300 million to international cooperation activities, which left € 880 million unallocated. This amount has now been divided up into two equal portions of € 440 million. One half will be reserved for research activities to be identified during the course of implementation of the specific programme in order to equip the Commission with a means to anticipate and respond quickly to emerging needs and new scientific and technological developments. The other half has been allocated to the areas set out in the table below ("initial priorities").

Amount (million Euro)

Initial priorities440
i) Policy-orientated research340

Sustainable management of Europe's natural resources200

Providing health, security and opportunity of Europe's citizens80

Underpinning the economic potential and cohesion of a larger and more integrated European Union60
ii) Research to explore new and emerging scientific and technological problems and opportunities100
Research activities that are identified during the course of implementation of the specific programme440

Keeping the present amended proposal in mind, these are the figures for the budget allocations for the entire specific programme "Integrating and strengthening the European Research Area", including the figures for the heading "Anticipating the EU's scientific and technological needs":

Types of activities

Amount (million Euro)
Priority thematic areas of research10 425
Genomics and biotechnology for health

Information Society technologies

Nanotechnologies, intelligent materials, new production processes

Aeronautics and space

Food safety and health risks

Sustainable development and global change

Citizens and governance in the European knowledge-based society

2 000

3 600

1 300

1 000


1 700


Specific activities covering a wider field of research1 630
Anticipating the EU's scientific and technological needs

Specific research activities for SMEs

Specific international cooperation activities




Strengthening the foundations of the European research area450
Support for the co-ordination of activities

Support for the coherent development of policies



Total12 505

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