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Brussels, 30 September 1999

Sierra Leone, Russia, Yemen: humanitarian aid news

The European Commission has approved humanitarian aid totalling EUR 7.3 million for Sierra Leone (EUR 5 million), the Russian Federation (EUR 1.8 million) and Yemen (EUR 500 000). The aid, administered by ECHO, the European Community's Humanitarian Office, will enable non-governmental organisations and international humanitarian organisations to carry out a variety of projects over the next 10 months.

Sierra Leone: aid for refugees and people at risk (EUR 5 million)

With the fragile peace in Sierra Leone, the humanitarian situation is worrying. This comprehensive emergency aid plan provides EUR 5 million to be spent on health, nutrition, drinking water and hygiene for the population of Sierra Leone and refugees from Guinea and Liberia.

Russia: aid for tuberculosis sufferers (EUR 1.8 million)

The funds made available by ECHO will enable the Danish and British Red Cross to distribute regular hot meals, food and hygiene kits, to train home nurses and reequip health/social centres, in addition to supplying the purely medical aid they have been providing up to now.

Yemen: aid for vulnerable groups (EUR 500 000)

The funds will go to help vulnerable groups such as Somali refugees and repatriated Yemeni workers who are living in extreme hardship. The aid will consist mainly of health supplies, basic equipment, training of health workers and assistance with economic integration for repatriated workers. ECHO's partners are: Movimondo Molisv (Italy), Première Urgence (France), Handicap International (Belgium) and Unicef .

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