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Brussels, 8 October 1998

The "We accept euros" logo in shops

At the initiative of the European Commission, a single logo has been devised for the dual display of consumer prices in euros and national currencies. It will be made available to retailers in the 11 countries of the euro zone. The logo, which will enable consumers and retailers to "talk euros" is the product of negotiations at European level between consumers on the one hand and between professionals from the retail, tourism and crafts and trades sectors on the other. "This logo reflects the consumers' and the professionals' joint interest in creating a climate of confidence for the changeover to the euro and is not an additional step in introducing the new currency" emphasised Emma Bonino, the member of the European Commission responsible for consumer policy. Yves-Thibault de Silguy, Commissioner for economic, monetary and financial affairs, said "dual pricing in euros and national currencies is essential to allow people get used to the new scale of values".

The logo features the single sentence "We accept payment in euros" in 8 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Finnish and Dutch. Any professional who, from 1999 onwards, displays the logo in his shop window, catalogue or advertising material, undertakes to abide voluntarily by 6 principles of best practice governing conversion, display of prices in euros, training of personnel and consumer information. These are :

  • to abide by the rules for converting and rounding for dual price and value display for invoices and totals and instruments to help with conversions;
  • not to make any additional charge if a consumer decides to pay in euros ;
  • to provide information on the formalities for introducing euros;
  • to display a minimum number of prices in euros and national monetary units at the start of 1999 and on an increasingly large scale up to 2002;
  • to train personnel who are in contact with customers;
  • to make it possible for people to pay in euros.

The Member States and the national consumer associations and associations for retail and tourism professionals are responsible for implementing the agreement in practice (distribution of the logo, information and monitoring).

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