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At its meeting  today the Commission  discussed the  recent tensions  between
one of the Member States of the European Union and Turkey.

(1)  The Commission was deeply concerned about the recent events at the  Imia
     islands  in  the Aegean.  Welcoming  the  fact  that  the incidents  had
     finally  been  brought under  control  by  the  governments  of the  two
     countries  concerned  and  had not  escalated  further,  the  Commission
     stated that any repetition  of incidents of this type should  be avoided
     at all cost.

(2)  The Commission  put its wholehearted support  behind Greece,  which is a
     Member State of the European Union. At the  same time, it felt that  the
     tension in the area should be reduced  on a lasting basis and that  good
     neighbourly  relations  should  be  re-established  between  Greece  and

(3)  The  Commission   would  point  out   that  the  Council  decisions   of
     6 March 1995 on  the customs union with  Turkey, which  were approved by
     the European  Parliament on 13 December,  were specifically designed  to
     set  the scene  for  better relations  based  on respect  for democratic
     principles  and international law  and ruling  out the use  of force for

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