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- The  N 11 in County Wicklow, the Dublin-Rosslare road, will be upgraded
to  dual carriageway at a point  some 25 km south of Dublin. This project
will connect the  existing dual carriageway  and motorway from Donnybrook
in the south inner suburbs of Dublin to  the Newtownmountkennedy by-pass,
35 km south of Dublin, thereby reducing journey times on  the N11 between
Dublin  and the ports  of Rosslare  and Waterford.  It will  also improve
access to  the East  and South-East  regions and  provide some  essential
infrastructure for their development. The  Cohesion Fund will  contribute
ECU 13.1 million.

- Improvements  to one of  the three  container terminals at  Dublin port
through  a civil engineering and mechanical investment programme. The aim
of this project is to  provide a more  rapid and reliable service at  the
port, produce a greater throughput and reduce the costs  to industry. The
Cohesion Fund will contribute ECU 3.5 million.

- Phase II of the  Balbriggan by-pass. An earlier Commission  Decision (C
(93)  2243/9 of  29 July 1993)  granted aid  from the  Cohesion Financial
Instrument for  the design  and planning stages.  The Balbriggan  by-pass
will be part of the EO1 (Dublin/Belfast) road linking Rosslare  to Larne.
The EO1 (Dublin/Belfast)  road will link  the north and south  of Ireland
which will become increasingly important  in the European  single market.
It will  also provide a  link between  the major  international ports  of
Rosslare,  Dublin, Belfast  and Larne,  and the  airports  at Dublin  and

Construction  of  the  by-pass  will   also  involve  intersections   and
interchanges  along   the  country's  north-south   axis  in   a  further
contribution  to  both the  Irish  and trans-European  networks. It  will
reduce the journey time between Dublin and Belfast,  remove a significant
part  of  the long  distance  traffic from  the  town  of Balbriggan  and
improve access  to north  County Dublin  and County  Louth. The  Cohesion
Fund  will contribute ECU  34.3 million  to the project,  an aid  rate of

-  Construction of  a  modern collector  sewer  system  for the  town  of
Wexford  and  the  surrounding area,  to  include  pumping  stations,  an
interceptor sewer along  the quayside at Wexford harbour  and a main lift
pumping  station. A  treatment works  will also  be constructed including
preliminary  units,   primary  settlement  tanks,  secondary   biological
treatment  units,  secondary  settlement   tanks  and  sludge   treatment
facilities,  together with  an outfall pipe  to a discharge  point in the
main channel  of the  harbour. The  project will  ensure conformity  with
various Commission  directives on urban  waste, bathing  water, shellfish
waters  and salmon rivers.  It will improve  water quality  in the Slaney
estuary  by eliminating  visual  pollution  and smells.  It  will  permit
further  development of tourism,  fishing and the shellfish industry, and
lift  the   constraints  on   commercial,   industrial  and   residential
expansion. The Cohesion Fund will contribute ECU 30 million.


For Greece,  the Commission has  approved Cohesion Fund  aid of ECU  15.1
million on a transport study and two environmental projects. 

This will involve:

-    phase II of the technical studies on the railway  project to connect
     the  new O.L.P.  container terminal  in N.  Ikonio  with the  future
     Thriassio  Pedio  railway   complex.  This  phase  will  include  in
     particular the  definitive study of the  route to be taken,  studies
     of  the   works  involved  and   a  complete   environmental  impact
     assessment of the  project. The Cohesion Fund will cover  the entire
     cost, amounting to ECU 1.3 million.

-    sewers  and  biological  treatment in  the  town of  Igoumenitsa, in
     Epirus, The  project will involve  integrated sewage  management, an
     extension of  the sewer system  and a  waste water treatment  plant.
     The Cohesion Fund will contribute ECU 9.4 million.

-    the project stage  for the  waste disposal and biological  treatment
     system  for   Alexandria  in  central  Macedonia. The  project  will
     complete the sewage treatment plant and construct a  network for the
     removal of waste water  and  a rain water  network connected to  the
     plant. The  aim of the  project is to  reduce pollution and  improve
     public health. The Cohesion Fund will contribute ECU 4.4 million.


Four Portuguese  projects, two  environmental and two  transport-related,
will   benefit  from a  Cohesion Fund  contribution  totalling ECU  125.7
million. It will involve the following:

-    the  Odeleite-Beliche water  plant, serving  seven municipalities of
     the Sotavento  in the  eastern Algarve.  The project  will ensure  a
     supply  of drinking water and make  it possible to meet the increase
     in  demand  brought  about  by  the  development  of  tourism  while
     guaranteeing water quality and  a regular supply.  It will also help
     to refill  and purify  the ground  water tables.  The Cohesion  Fund
     will contribute ECU 71.5 million.

-    work on  the treatment of  urban waste  (310 tonnes/day). This  will
     treat and  dispose of  the  solid  waste produced  by some  320  000
     inhabitants of three municipalities. Integration  of the project  in
     the future Lisbon  metropolitan area network extending south of  the
     Tagus will  ensure  the coherence,  technical  efficiency and  cost-
     effectiveness of  the related work.  The Cohesion  Fund contribution
     is ECU 7.5 million.


-    enlargement of 3.5 km of  the Oporto-Aguas Santas road to four lanes
     of  3.5  m each.  This enlargement  will significantly  improve road
     safety and  traffic flow,  which has  aready reached  an average  of
     over 52 000 vehicles a day  in 1993. The  section forms part of  the
     IP1  - Northern  Motorway  -  which makes  it possible  to  join the
     Oporto-Amarante  motorway  at  the  Aguas  Santas  interchange.  The
     Cohesion Fund will contribute ECU 2.7 million.

-    electrification, telecommunications  and automatic speed controls on
     the Beira  Alta railway line. The  investments are an integral  part
     of  the  project  to modernize  the  line,  making  it  possible  to
     increase  capacity  and improve  transport  standards,  shorten  the
     journey time between  Lisbon, Oporto and Vilar Formoso and   improve
     traffic  safety and  system reliability  on this,  the  main railway
     link from  Portugal to the  heart of Europe. The  Cohesion Fund will
     contribute ECU 44 million.


The  European Commission has granted ECU 212 million in Cohesion Fund aid
to improve transport infrastructure.

This involves:

-    the  upgrading of  some 78.7  km of  trunk road  No 120  to motorway
     standard  between  Orense   and  Porriño.  This   is  part   of  the
     Benavente-Porriño motorway project, one of  the missing sections  on
     the  trans-European road  linking Galicia and the  north of Portugal
     to the Irun-Valladolid axis.



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