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The Commission has cleared a proposed joint venture which was notified on  19
May 1995  whereby Volvo Bus  Corporation, belonging to  the Volvo Group,  and
Henlys  Group plc.,  a  company incorporated  in  England, wanted  to acquire
joint control  of the Canadian company,  Prévost Car  Inc. which manufactures
and sells inter-city coaches  and luxury bus shells in the U.S.  and Canadian

Volvo Bus  Corporation is the  company within the  Volvo Group that  designs,
manufactures and  markets both  the chassis for  buses and coaches  and buses
and coaches.   Henlys Group plc  designs  and manufactures bodies for coaches
and buses  and  also sells  coaches  and  buses. Its  activities  are  mainly
confined to the U.K.  
North American  and EEA  markets for  coaches and buses  are separate.  There
have been  very few  exports from the  EEA to  North America, and  conversely
there have to date  been virtually no imports of buses  or coaches from North
America to the EEA.   The  primary reasons for  this are differing  technical
and performance  specifications required by EEA  coach and  bus customers and
the existence of established indigenous suppliers in EEA markets.

In view of  this, Prévost  Car Inc.,  which is  not currently  active in  EEA
markets,  is unlikely to be so in the  future, and the current operation will
not result  in any  increment of  the EEA  market share  of either Volvo  Bus
Corporation or Henlys  Group plc.  The  Commission has therefore  decided not
to oppose the operation.

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