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Merger regulation

The European Commission has approved the purchase  of 26 % of the shares of
Klöckner  Stahl GmbH  by  Sidmar NV.  This  takes Sidmar's  shareholding of
Klöckner Stahl to 51.01 %.

Previously, on 30 May 1994,  the Commission had approved the acquisition by
Sidmar of  minority shareholding of 25.01  % in Klöckner Stahl (IP/94/461).
Under the  terms  of the  Merger Regulation,  Sidmar has  now acquire  sole
control of Klöckner Stahl.

The concentration mainly  affects products which  fall under  the scope  of
the  ECSC  Treaty.  Insofar,   the  Commission  has  already  given   prior
authorization under Article  66 of the ECSC  Treaty by decision of  27 July

As  far as non ECSC products (steel  pipes, slag and blast furnace gas) are
concerned, the  parties operate either  on different product  markets or on
different geographical markets.  The change from joint to sole control will
not  strengthen  the   market  position  of  the  parties.  The  Commission
therefore decided  to declare  the notified  concentration compatible  with
the common market and with the functioning of the EEA Agreement.

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