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Two  measures  required for  the  application  of  the  Community Trade  Mark
Regulation have been adopted by the European Commission  on the initiative of
Single Market Commissioner  Mario Monti.  The measures concern the procedural
rules  for  filing  and  registering  a Community  Trade  Mark  and  the fees
applicable.    Applications  for  registering  Community  Trade  Marks  under
Council Regulation 40/94  may be filed as of  1 January 1996 with  the Office
for  Harmonisation in  the  Internal Market  in  Alicante, Spain.   Community
Trade  Marks will  be valid  throughout the  EU,  avoiding the  need to  file
separate applications for different Member States.

The  first Commission  Regulation adopted, referred  to as  "the Implementing
Regulation",  contains procedural  rules on  the filing  and registration  of
Community Trade Marks.   It includes rules  on the examination of  trade mark
applications by  the Harmonisation Office and  opposition proceedings, on the
administration of Community  Trade Marks, on appeals against decisions of the
Office and on  proceedings concerning revocation or  invalidity of  Community
Trade Marks.

The  second  Commission   Regulation  adopted,  referred  to   as  "the  Fees
Regulation", determines in particular the amount of the fees, payable  to the
Harmonisation  Office and the ways in which they  must be paid.  In addition,
the  Regulation empowers  the  President of  the  Office, subject  to certain
conditions, to lay  down the charges which  may be  payable to the Office  in
respect  of services it  may render, like the  delivery of  extracts from the
Office's register. 

Pursuant to the Fees Regulation,  the amount of the main fees (which  must be
paid in Ecus) have been set as follows:

Type of fee                                            Amount (in Ecus)

Basic fee for the application for registration of a Community trade
mark, covering a maximum of three classes of goods or services       975

Opposition fee                                                       350

Basic fee for the registration of a Community Trade Mark,
covering a maximum of three classes of goods and services            1,100

Basic fee for the renewal of an individual mark                      2,500

Fee for the application for revocation or for a declaration of invalidity

Appeal fee                                                           800

Applications for Community  trade mark may be  filed as from 1  January 1996.
However,  the filing  date of  applications  which will  be  filed between  1
January and  1  April  1996  will  be 1  April  1996.   The  filing  date  of
applications which will  be filed  after 1 April 1996  will be their  date of
The address of the Harmonisation Office is:

     Office  for  Harmonisation  in  the  Internal Market  (trade  marks  and
     Avenida de Aguilera 20
     E 03080 Alicante
     tel: 34 6 5139 100
     fax: 34 6 5139 173

The  preparatory work  on the  opening of  the  Harmonisation Office  for the
filing  of  Community  Trade  Mark applications  started  in  September 1994,
almost  immediately  after  the appointment  of  the  President  (Jean-Claude
Combaldieu) and the  two vice-presidents of  the Office  (Alberto Casado  and
Alexander Von M├╝hlendahl) by the EU's Council of Ministers.


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