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After the meeting of the 21 nominated Members of  the new  Commission, held
in  Senningen (Luxembourg)  on  29 October  1994, President  Jacques Santer
announced the final division of  portfolios which will be  formally adopted
when the new Commission meets at the beginning of 1995.


President Jacques Santer  Secretariat-General,
                      Legal Service,
                      Security Office,
                      Forward Studies Unit,
                      Inspectorate General,
                      Joint Interpreting and Conference Service (SCIC)
                      Spokesman's Service,
                      Monetary matters (with Mr de Silguy)
                      Common foreign  and security policy (with  Mr van den
                      Institutional questions and intergovernmental
                      conference (with Mr Oreja)

Manuel Marin          External relations with the Mediterranean (South),
                      Middle and Near East, Latin America and Asia 
                      (except Japan, China, South Korea, Hong Kong,
                      Macao, Taiwan), 

Martin Bangemann      Industrial affairs,
                      Information technologies and telecommunications 

Sir Leon Brittan      External relations with North America,Australia,New
                      Zealand, Japan, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao,
                      Common commercial policy,
                      Relations with OECD and WTO

Karel Van Miert       Competition

Hans van den Broek    External relations with the countries of Central and
                      Eastern Europe (PECO) and countries of former
                      Soviet Union, Turkey, Cyprus, Malta and other 
                      European Countries,
                      Common foreign and security policy (PESC) (in 
                      agreement with the President),
                      External service

Joao de Deus Pinheiro External relations with the countries of Africa
                      Caribbean and  Pacific (ACP), South Africa, 
                      Lomé Convention

Padraig Flynn         Employment and social affairs,
                      Relations with the Economic and Social Committee

Marcelino Oreja       Relations with the European Parliament,
                      Relations with the Member States on openness,
                      communication and information,
                      Culture and audiovisual,
                      Publications office,
                      Institutional questions and preparation of the 
                      intergovernmental conference of 1996 
                      (in agreement with the Presidency)

Edith Cresson         Science, research and development,
                      Joint Research Centre,
                      Human resources, education, training and youth

Ritt Bjerregaard      Environment,
                      Nuclear security

Monika Wulf-Mathies   Regional policies,
                      Relations with the Committee of the Regions,
                      Cohesion Fund (in agreement with Mr Kinnock
                      and Mrs Bjerregaard)

Neil Kinnock          Transport (including transeuropean networks)

Mario Monti           Internal market,
                      Financial service,
                      Customs and indirect taxation,
                      Direct taxation

Emma Bonino           Consumer policy,
                      European Community Humanitarian Office (ECHO)

Yves-Thibault de Silguy  Economic and financial affairs,
                      Monetary matters (in agreement with the President),
                      Credit and investments,
                      Statistical Office

Christos Papoutsis    Energy and Euratom Supply Agency,
                      Small and medium enterprises (PME), tourism

Thorvald Stoltenberg  Fisheries

Anita Gradin          Questions linked to immigration and home and
                      judicial affairs,
                      Relations with the Ombudsman,
                      Financial control,
                      Anti-fraud measures

Franz Fischler        Agriculture and rural development

Ekki Liikanen         Budget,
                      Personnel and Administration,
                      Translation and information technology

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