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   Société  Générale  de  Belgique (SGB), which has  minority  and  majority
   holdings in industry, banking and the service sector, is a subsidiary  of
   Compagnie  de  Suez.  The  latter  fully  controls  Banque  Indosuez,  an
   internationally  operating credit institution.  Générale de Banque  is  a
   "universal" commercial bank with its own branch network.

   The transaction involved an increase from 20.94% to some 25.96% of  SGB's
   direct and indirect holding in Générale de Banque.

   The  Commission has approved the transaction, considering  it  compatible
   with the common market in view of the sectors in which the two  companies
   operate:  Banque Indosuez is primarily an investment bank with  worldwide
   activities,  while  Générale  de  Banque  is  essentially  a  "universal"
   commercial bank operating mainly in Belgium.

   This decision is without prejudice to assessment of the transaction under
   the relevant national laws, particularly banking laws.

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