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   The  German car tyre producer Continental AG intends to acquire,  through
   its subsidiary Göppinger Kaliko, a controlling interest in J. H. Benecke,
   which   is   currently   solely   controlled   by   DG   Band    Deutsche
   Genossenschaftsbank  of  Frankfurt.  The operation  will  result  in  the
   transfer  of  all  of Kaliko's plastic parts business  to  Benecke,  thus
   Continental will in future only be active in this sector through Benecke.

   Kaliko and Benecke both produce semi-finished and finished products  made
   of plastic. In particular, they both supply the automotive industry  with
   plastic  foils and car headliners for the interior fitting of  cars.  The
   proposed  concentration does however not raise serious doubts as  to  its
   compatibility  with  the Common Market. Kaliko/Benecke will  have  market
   shares  below  25 % in the different affected European  markets  for  the
   interior  trim  of  cars. On these markets, the new  Joint  Venture  will
   compete  with  a number of European suppliers,  among  them  Roth-Frères,
   Irausa and Empe (car headliners) and Alkor, Ghislaved and Ilpea  (plastic
   foils). The presence of these competitors and the purchasing power of the
   automobile industry will be sufficient to maintain effective  competition
   on the markets concerned.

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