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   On 26 November 1993, the Chairmen of the panels of judges, Mr Jacques  De
   Decker  (European  literature  prize) and  Mrs  Ana  Hatherley  (European
   translation  prize) announced the winners for 1993 at a press  conference
   in Antwerp.

   The  European  Literatue  prize was awarded to  the  Dutch  writer,  Cees
   Noteboom,  for  his  novel,  "Het  volgende  Verhaal",  published  by  De
   Arbeiderspers, Amsterdam 1991.

   The  European  Translation prize was awarded to the  Belgian  translator,
   Françoise  Wuilmart  for  her translation into  French  of  "Das  Prinzip
   Hoffnung" by Ernst Bloch, published by Gallimard, Paris 1973 to 1992.

   The competition is based on a Resolution of the Council of Ministers  for
   Culture  of the European Community of 19 May 1989, and is organized  each
   year in the context of the  European City of Culture.

   The  prize-giving  ceremony  had to be delayed on account  of  a  general
   strike  in Belgium and will now take place on 13 December in  the  Bourla
   theatre,  Antwerp.  The  prizes  will be presented by  Mr  João  de  Deus
   Pinheiro,  Member  of  the Commission responsible  for  culture,  in  the
   presence of the authorities of Antwerp city and the Flemish Community  of

   For  the  names of the contenders for the two  prizes,  please  refer  to
   IP(93)850 of 7 October 1993.

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