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   The  first  official  meeting between President Jacques  Delors  and  the
   Commission  of  the  European  Communities,  and  Mr.  Leonid   Kravchuk,
   President of Ukraine, took place in Brussels on September 14, 1992.
   The President of Ukraine expressed his gratitude to the Commission of the
   European  Communities  and  to  its President for  the  efforts  made  to
   implement  technical  and other forms of assistance to  Ukraine.  It  was
   noted that the programme of technical assistance  to the Ukraine had been
   successfully initiated.
   As a result of the meeting it was agreed that the European Community  and
   Ukraine  should develop closer relations especially taking  into  account
   their common policy orientations and their intention to fulfill  entirely
   the  Helsinki Final Act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation  in
   The  policy  choice  expressed by President  Kravchuk in  favour  of  the
   rapprochement of Ukraine and the European Community is in conformity with
   the  policy  choice of the European Community to define new forms of  co-
   operation  and  to intensify relations between the Community and  Ukraine
   beyond the existing useful forms of cooperation.
   The President of Ukraine reaffirmed the commitment of Ukraine to pursuing
   the  policy  of  economic  reform and the  President  of  the  Commission
   reaffirmed the readiness of the Community to support this policy.
   Therefore the two Parties have arrived at the following conclusions:
   1. They  signed a Joint Statement/Memorandum confirming the necessity  to
      formalise by an exchange of letters the continuing mutual  obligations
      of Ukraine and the European Community under the trade and  cooperation
      Agreement  and the Agreement on trade in textile products (between the
      former USSR and the Community signed in December 1989).
                                     - 2 -
   2. The Joint Statement/Memorandum expresses their intention to move to  a
      new  stage of their relations by starting negotiations before the  end
      of this year,  when the Commission has been authorised  to do  so,  in
      order  to reach as soon as possible the signature of a new  generation
      agreement   on  partnership  and  cooperation  between  the   European
      Community and Ukraine.
   3. They consider that it would be an important step towards consolidating
      relations  between  the  European Community and Ukraine to  set  up  a
      permanent  mission of Ukraine to the Commmunity and  a  delegation  of
      the Commission to Ukraine respectively.
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