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   On 3 September1, on a proposal from the Commission, the Council  approved
   two important measures to tighten the embargo on Serbia and Montenegro.
   In  August the Commission had proposed special customs measures with  the
   aim of making the Community embargo imposed on Serbia and Montenegro on 1
   June more effective.
   The  first measure adopted by the Commission on 11 August, on a  proposal
   from Mr Andriessen, in agreement with Mrs Scrivener and Mr Matutes, is  a
   draft Regulation which introduces a dual certificate system for Community
   exports  to  the  Republics  and  territory  of  former  Yugoslavia.  The
   legislation  basically  authorizes exports to those countries  only  once
   prior  import licences have been issued by their customs authorities  and
   an  undertaking  has  been  given to confirm  arrival  of  the  goods  at
   The second measure adopted by the Commission on 26 August, on a  proposal
   from  Mrs  Scrivener,  is  a draft Regulation limiting  the  use  of  TIR
   arrangements  for consignments within the Community which transit  Serbia
   and Montenegro.  Use of TIR arrangements is confined to those  operations
   covered by Community transit arrangements (for intra-Community trade)  or
   the  common transit system (trade between the EEC  and  EFTA).  Community
   transit or common transit procedures are more finely honed and watertight
   than  basic TIR arrangements, which leave the door open to deflection  of
   In  addition to these measures, since mid-August the Commission  and  the
   British Presidency have carried out a series of customs fact-finding  and
   technical  assistance  missions  in the countries  bordering  Serbia  and
                                     * * *
   1   The Permanent Representatives Committee of 3 September approved these
       two  proposals  which must be formally adopted by the  Council  under
written procedure on 8 September.

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