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   Following  a  favourable  opinion by the  EDF  Committee  the  Commission
   recently decided to finance the following projects:
   NIGERIA -        Mambilla Tea Plantation development     - ECU 28 000 000
   CHAD -           Development of health services          - ECU 16 500 000
   CHAD -           Assistance to the elementary
                    education sector                        - ECU 10 000 000
   GUINEA -         Support for the recovery of the
                    electricity sector                      - ECU  6 145 000
   GUINEA -         Hevea-Palm programme                    - ECU  5 000 000
   NIGERIA                                          Mambilla Tea plantation
   7th EDF: ECU 28 000 000                          development project
   The  Mambilla  Tea estate was developed in the late 1970s  and  comprises
   450 ha of nucleus tea and 160 ha of outgrower production by 166 farmers.
   Current  production  is some 600 t per year.  This project  provides  for
   extending the area under tea and planting a further 660 ha with tea,  the
   rehabilitation  of  existing installations and extending  the  irrigation
   system by building a dam on the Tumbuwa River.  It is expected that as  a
   result tea production will increase from 600 to 2 225 tonnes per year.
   The  project  also includes the provision of  social  infrastructure  and
   technical assistance.
                                     - 2 -
   7th EDF: ECU 16 500 000                          Development of health
   Grant                                            services
   In  accordance  with  the  guidelines  laid  down  in  Chad's  indicative
   programme  under Lomé IV, the aim of this programme is to extend  primary
   health cover and improve health care.
   The  strategy  of strengthening health and social affairs  units  in  the
   prefectures will be pursued.  This involves:
   -   contributing  to the definition of national health policy and to  the
       process of decentralizing the health service;
   -   supporting the development of a health administration at  prefectural
       level (i.e. of the préfectures socio-sanitaires);
   -   expanding  the  health service and improving the  quality  of  health
   -   supplying medicines.
   To  achieve  these goals, the following action will be  taken  under  the
   -   improvements to the infrastructure and to equipment;
   -   operational support and the provision of staff training;
   -   the supply of essential medicines;
   -   technical  assistance  to the Ministry of Public  Health  and  Social
   The  programme  will be spread over five years and will  be  targeted  at
   eight  prefectures in the Sahel: Batha, BET, Biltine, Guera, Kanen,  Lac,
   Ouaddai and Salamat.
   7th EDF: ECU 10 000 000                          Programme to assist in
   Grant                                            revitalizing elementary
   This  programme  forms  part  of an  overall  programme  of  support  for
   elementary  education, the major portion of which is to be funded by  the
   World Bank, French bilateral aid and Community aid.
   Efforts to improve teaching standards and the education service will,  in
   this programme focus on the joint and interdependent operations aimed at:
   -   initial and in-service teacher training;
   -   preparation of new plans for training elementary school teachers;
   -   re-examination of the curricula for elementary teaching;
   -   equipping  elementary schools and providing children with  scholastic
                                     - 3 -
   5th EDF                                  Support for the recovery
   ECU 2 000 000, grant                     of the electricity sector
   ECU 4 145 000, special loan
   The restructuring of the electricity sector and the recovery of  Guinea's
   National Electricity Enterprise (ENELGUI) is one of the priorities of the
   Guinean government's economic and financial reform policy.
   With  this  project, the European Economic Community will  be  joining  a
   number  of  other  donors (World Bank, Japan,  Canada,  Germany,  France,
   Italy)  which  are  already providing support for  the  ENELGUI  recovery
   The Community's financial contribution, totalling ECU 6 145 000, will  be
   used  to  purchase supplies, materials and equipment to  boost  ENELGUI's
   technical, administrative and institutional capacity.
   About  twoithirds  of  the Community contribution will  be  used  to  buy
   electric  meter sets and accessories since it is vital that these  should
   be installed.
   6th EDF: ECU 5 000 000                           Hevea-Palm programme
   Special loan
   This  project  represents  an EEC  contribution  to  Guinea's  Hevea-Palm
   Programme in the extreme south of Guinée Forestière.  The programme as  a
   whole,  to  be carried out by SOGUIPAH (the Guinean Oil  Palm  and  Hevea
   Company)  entails  bringing 12 000 ha of land into  production  (8 000 ha
   under  hevea,  2 500 ha  under oil palm and 1 500 ha  prepared  for  rice
   The EEC contribution sets out to achieve, within the next four years:
   -   preparation of 800 ha of lowland area subdivided into plots of 10  to
       20 ha each for growing rice under irrigation and out-of-season crops;
   -   800 ha of family hevea plantations;
   -   40 km of access roads and 20 km of dirt roads;
   -   village microprojects.
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