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   Following  an  anti-dumping  proceeding initiated  in  January  1991  the
   Commission  has  decided to impose provisional  anti-dumping  duty  rates
   ranging  from  0.0 % to 54.9 % on imports of certain thermal  paper  (fax
   paper) originating in Japan.
   The  proceeding was intiatied after a complaint was lodged by  the  major
   Community  producer  of such paper - Wiggins Teape Thermal Paper  Ltd  of
   Lincoln in the United Kingdom.
   The   complaint  mentioned  the  following  Japanese   producers   and/or
   exporters :
      Daio Paper Mfg Co Ltd, Ehime
      Fuji Photo Film Co. Ltd, Tokyo
      Honshu Paper Co. Ltd, Tokyo
      Japan Pulp & Paper Co. Ltd, Tokyo
      Jujo Paper Co. Ltd, Tokyo
      Kanzaki Paper Mfg Co. Ltd, Tokyo
      Marubeni Corporation, Tokyo
      Mitsubishi Corporation, Tokyo
      Mitsubishi Paper Mills Ltd, Tokyo
      Mitsui & Co. Ltd, Tokyo
      Oji Paper Co. Ltd, Tokyo
      Ricoh Corporation Ltd, Tokyo
      Tomoegawa Paper Co. Ltd, Tokyo.
   As is normally the case in these proceedings, the dumping margin for  the
   companies  who  cooperated with the Commission's investigation  has  been
   established  by  comparing  the normal value  (prices  actually  paid  or
   payable in the ordinary course of trade intended for consumption in Japan
   or the cost of production plus a reasonable profit margin) to the  export
   price (brought to ex-factory level) at the same level of  trade.  Dumping
   margins ranging from 0.0 % to 24.8 % were found.
   However, as the majority of Japanese producers either did not  cooperate,
   or  stated  they  did not export the product to  the  Community,  it  was
   decided  to  base  the dumping margin for these companies  on  the  facts
   available  (ie:  evidence  provided by  the  complainant).  The  residual
   dumping margin was calculated to be 55.3 %.
   The  Community  industry  has suffered material injury  caused  by  these
   dumped  imports from Japan.  Between 1987 and 1990 imports of  fax  paper
   originating  in  Japan  went up from an estimated 1725  tonnes  to  23750
   tonnes,  an  increase  of 1276 %.  Market share of such  imports  in  the
   Community  rose  from  31 % to 68 %.  The sales  price  of  the  Japanese
   products undercut the prices of the Community industry by up to 22.8 %.
   These   developments  caused  material  injury  to  Community   industry,
   evidenced  in  particular  by a fall in market share  and  a  decline  in
   profitability  to an inadequate level compared to the level required  for
   the long terme viability of this industry.
   After taking account of the interest of the Community industry and  users
   and  consumers  of  the final product, in has  been  concluded  that,  on
   balance, the interests of the Community lie in granting protection to its
   fax paper industry against unfair competition from imports from Japan.
   It  has  been  decided  to  impose the  full  dumping  margins  found  as
   provisional anti-dumping duties for the companies who cooperated with the
   Commission's  investigation  since these are below the  injury  threshold
   established.  With  regard to other companies, the  residual  provisional
   anti-dumping  duty  to be applied will be the  highest  injury  threshold
   established  ie:  54,9 % (which is less than the 55.3  %  dumping  margin
   Full  details  of  this case can be found in  the  Commission  Regulation
   published in Official Journal of the EC No L 270 of 26/9/91.
* * *

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