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   The  Commission has decided to approve aid to shipbuilding in Greece  for
   the  period  1991-1993.  The  Greek  Ministerial  Decision  in   question
   provides for operating and restructuring aid in the form of grants to the
   yards as follows :
   -  operating  aid : up to the ceiling set annually by the Commission  for
      each  of the years 1992 and 1993 after taking into  consideration  all
      other operating aid that could also be available.  No operating aid is
      provided for ship repair.
      For  1991 only, in accordance with special provisions for  Greece  set
      out  in  the 7th directive on aid to shipbuilding, operating  aid  not
      related  to contracts could be provided to the public sector yards  in
      excess  of  the  13 % ceiling set for that year, if  granted  for  the
      financial  restructuring of the yards in connection with a  systematic
      and  specific  restructuring programme linked to the sell-off  of  the
   -  restructuring aid up to
      a)  50 %  of  investment  costs in the case of  shipbuilding  and  for
          investments  which  do not increase  capacity.  For  repairs  such
          investment must be linked to a restructuring plan resulting in  an
          overall reduction of the country's ship repair capacity.
      b)  30 % of the closure if it is considered irreversible under Article
          7(1) of the Seventh Directive.
      c)  30 %  of  eligible costs for basic research and  basic  industrial
          research  and  25 %  for  applied  research  and  development   in
          conformity  with  the  Community  framework  for  state  aids  for
          research and development (OJ C 83, 11.04.1986).
   The Commission has concluded that these proposals are in conformity  with
   the 7th directive. All cases of restructuring aid will be notified to the
   Commission in advance.
* * *

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