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   Under  the  competition  rules  of the ECSC  Treaty  the  Commission  has
   authorised   Kloeckner   Stahl,  aegaeis  Stahlhandel   and   Rautaruukki
   (Deutschland)  to set up a new company in Bremen, Germany, to  be  called
   Bregal GmbH. The company will operate a galvanizing line on a cooperative
   basis  with a capacity of 400 000 tonnes a year, whereby  Kloeckner  will
   hold  half  the operating time and the two other shareholders  a  quarter
   Kloeckner  Stahl  is  a major steel producer in  the  Community,  whereas
   Rautaruukki  (Deutschland)  is the distribution subsidiary of  the  large
   Finnish   steel  producer  Rautaruukki Oy.  aegaeis  Stahlhandel   is   a
   subsidiary of the large Japanese commercial company ITOH. It  distributes
   steel products in Germany.
   Consideration of the proposed transaction showed that it meets the  tests
   for  authorization  in  Article 66(2)  ECSC  Treaty  and  the  Commission
   therefore granted its authorization.
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