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   "...The  internal market process is moving rapidly but as  the  Community
   becomes  more  affluent,  the emphasis within the  economy  seems  to  be
   shifting from quantity to quality. In this respect the economic growth we
   look  forward  to,  should  be sustainable not  only  in  regard  to  the
   resources we consume, but also as to how they are consumed. The impact of
   business  activities  on  the  natural environment  is  now  becoming  so
   profound, that it is necessary to manage this interaction with care."
   "... Community Heads of State and Government at their Dublin Summit  last
   year  adopted  a  declaration on the  environment  -  "The  Environmental
   Imperative".   This   emphasized  that  the  full  achievement   of   the
   environmental  objective must be a shared responsibility and  required  a
   concerted action by all members of society."
   "The principles and approach set out in the Environmental Imperative  are
   to  be given form in the Fifth Action Programm on the  Environment  which
   the  Commission  is currently preparing. This  will  promote  cooperation
   between public authorities, business and consumer groups and  individuals
   in  achieving  mutually agreed environmental targets.  The  program  also
   foresees a greater role for the enterprise sector. The increased reliance
   on  the  market mechanism will ensure that  enceforth  the  environmental
   dimension is much more fully integrated into the fabric of the  Community
   "Community firms can benefit both as consumers or suppliers of goods  and
   services  in  this expanding area. The former by wider choice  and  lower
   prices  and the latter, by economies of scale and first mover  advantage.
   On average, the total pollution control expenditure runs to between 1 and
   2  per  cent  of  the Gross  Domestic  Product  of  Member  States.  This
   percentage  is  likely  to increase over this decade,  and  with  it  the
   opportunities for profit. Internationally, Community firms are poised  to
   become  world  leaders  in  environmental  protection  technologies   and
   services.  This  opportunity  for market share and profits  must  not  be
   missed, instead it must be pursued with great vigor."
   "The  message  from  the Commission is clear :  the  achievement  of  the
   internal  market  and a high level of environmental  protection  must  go
   The  Community's efforts to eliminate unnecessary barriers to trade  also
   include environmental barriers. However, environmental protection remains
   a  singularly important pre-condition to the achievement  of  sustainable
   growth.  The  process of completing the single internal market  in  which
   environmental  protection  is  pitched  as a high level  as  a  point  of
   departure,  requires  not  only  a  cooperative  but  also  an   actively
   responsible  business sector. The combination of responsible  action  and
   partnership can lead to a situation of greater competition, in which  the
   environment being protected will enable the Community citizen to enjoy  a
   better quality of life as well as a high standard of living."
   "The  challenge  until now has been to create the Single Market.  In  the
   next  decade the new challenge will be to ensure that market is based  on
   the  concept  of  sustainable development. By  aiming  at  reduction  and
   elimination  of pollution and prevention, recycling and rescue  of  waste
   rather than just abatement or clean up, and by creating a broader mix  of
   instruments including market incentives, environment policy can stimulate
   investment,  innovation and competitiveness rather than stifle them.  The
   Commission's  Firth Action program will aim to cement  this  relationship
   between the internal market and the environment."
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