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   Mr. Bruce MILLAN, Commissioner for Regional policy, announced today  that
   the  Commission  has decided to co-finance pilot actions in the  City  of
   Rotterdam  with  a  focus on the development of small  and  medium  sized
   businesses.  A total of 2.6 MECU is provided by the ERDF (1) over  a  two
   year  period  for  a number of actions costing in  total  5.3  MECU.  The
   Rotterdam  pilot  actions  follows on from the initiative,  to  launch  a
   series  of  urban  pilot projects, the first of which  covered  parts  of
   London and Marseille and were announced in February 1990 (2).
   Explaining the background to the decision, Mr. MILLAN said "Rotterdam has
   presented  some  very interesting and innovatie ideas on  how  to  tackle
   urban regeneration and problems of unemployment. The approach adopted  by
   the  City  of  Rotterdam looks at various  aspects  of  developing  small
   businesses which are often overlooked, such as integration with the local
   Community, improved security for premises, better design capabilities and
   guidance on health in the workplace. The lessons learned from these pilot
   actions can be transcribed to other parts of the Community and help  with
   the  Commission's  objective  of increasing the  exchange  of  ideas  and
   cooperation between cities and regions".
   The main focus of the pilot actions is the old harbour area - the Kop van
   Zuid.  Here,  the concept is to create a development centre  on  floating
   pontoons  which  can  be  relocated  within  the  harbour  area  as   the
   redevelopment  of the Kop van Zuid takes shape. It will form the  hub  of
   the development and provide an essential interface between local  people,
   small businesses developers and public authorities. Spin-off centres will
   be  located  in  the Feyenoord and Afrikaanderwijk  districts.  A  design
   centre  will  be established in the former Entrepotogebon to  help  small
   businesses with building and industrial design.
   Within the scope of "Rotterdam Healthy City"-programme which is currently
   underway,  a project will establish a centre to provide  information  and
   advice  to  small  businesses on security, health  and  welfare  in  work
   The final project involves improving security at the de Slinge (park  and
   ride)  metro station and training for 25 unemployed persons  as  security
   guards.  The  improved  security will be linked  to  efforts  to  develop
   business potential in the area adjacent to the station.
   (1) Article 10 of the ERDF Regulation No (EEC) 4254/88
(2) Press release IP (90) 133 of 15 February 1990

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