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  The Commission is organizing on 2,3 and 4 October 1989 in Brussels,
  a Conference bringing the 125 "University-Enterprise Training
  Partnerships" selected in 1987 and 1988 in the framework of the
  COMETT Programme, as well as experts in the field of training.
  This Community Programme for education and training in the field of
  technology is in the last operation year of its first phase. More
  than 1000 university-enterprise training projects have been accepted
  in 1987 and 1988, to which in 1989 a further large number of
  projects will be added under Strand B of the Programme.
  In parallel, and in the context of the timetable for the achievement
  of the Internal Market in 1992, the Commission has established its
  proposals for the extension of the COMETT Programme with effect from
  1990 (COMETT II).
  The year 1989 will be a key year for the development of COMETT,
  since, on the one hand, it will put at the disposal of the Community
  a critical mass of concrete results achieved by the projects
  accepted, and, on the other hand, it will usher in a transitional
  phase essential for the launching of COMETT II ; a phase which will
  draw upon, amongst other things, a large number of projects having
  obtained promising results over the three years of their operations.
  This conference : "COMETT II : a new challenge for UETPs" is an
  integral part of the preparatory work being undertaken for the
  launch of COMETT II. The Commission proposes to examine and analyse
  the experience acquired in the three years of COMETT I with the
  assembled operational actors, to establish what will be the main
  components of the regional and sectoral UETP network to be developed
  The main objectives of the Conference can be defined as follows :
       to take stock of the existing situation in the light of the
       first two years of operation and to define guidelines for the
       future development of the UETPs :
                - models for the structure and operation of the UETPs,
                - proposals for the animation and operation of the
                UETP network and subnetworks,
                - linking of regional and sectoral initiatives with
                existing national and EC initiatives,
                - evaluation of the experience with the allocation of
                student placement "pools" to the UETPs ;
       define the operational criteria for UETPs in the context of
       COMETT II.
  The Conference should give an opportunity to examine the key points
  for the future development of COMETT with regard to the role and
  importance of UETPs. It will help the participants in strengthening
  the enterprise-university cooperation which has already been
  achieved, as well as in new initiatives this conference may
  For further information, please contact :
  Mr Stathopoulos : 235.24.63
  Mr Reyniers     : 235.67.28

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