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  Over the period 1976-88, a total of ECU 4 409 million was mobilized for
  the 33 Latin American and Asian developing countries by the Community and
  by international organizations and institutes; most of this sum was spent
  on developement aid (ECU 3 973 million), while humanitarian aid accounted
  for ECU 265 million and economic cooperation ECU 171 million, the latter
  having developed only very recently but at a very rapid rate.
  Standard food aid (ECU 1 836 million) and financial and technical
  cooperation (ECU 1 950 million) were the main components of development
  These are the figures given in the report on thirteen years of the
  Community's development cooperation with the Latin American and Asian
  developing countries, adopted by the Commission and to be transmitted to
  the Council and Parliament, in response to their request.
  According to the report, the geographical breakdown of this aid between
  continents was about 74% for Asia and 26% for Latin America for the whole
  of this period.
  India was the main beneficiary, followed by Bangladesh, Thailand,
  Pakistan and Bolivia. The least developed countries (LLDCs) received 64%
  of the resources.
  In line with the Council's guidelines, 74% of the resources committed
  were allocated to agriculture and other rural activities.
  As regards disbursements, half the resources committed over the entire
  period 1976-88 were actually transferred to the ultimate recipients; this
  stems from the nature of the aid granted (projects).
  In a qualitative analysis the report gives a breakdown of the various
  operations financed by type of operation and sector.  The analysis
  covers, in addition to support for international agricultural research,
  reconstruction and disaster prevention, support for industry, and
  specific topics such as food strategies and food security, support for
  agrarian reform and for traditional communities, rural credit and
  technical assistance.
  It is stated in the specific summary that the use made of the funds has
  closely reflected the most urgent needs of the Latin American and Asian
  developing countries and the objectives set by the Community: efforts
  have been concentrated on the poorrest countries, rural production, the
  living standards of the neediest sections of the population, and regional
                                    - 2 -
  The report gives three reasons for the positive results: since 1976 the
  Community has been able to extend its action to tall the developing
  countries, in line with the Council's objective; the operating targets
  set by the Council have been met action concentrated on the poorest
  countries and sections of the population and on agriculture), and aid has
  been implemented efficiently.
  Four main conclusions are drawn in the report as regards future action:
  it is necessary to speed up disbursements and develop improved forms of
  aid; to achieve better integration of all Community financial and
  technical cooperation instruments; to ensure greater coordination with
  the Member States and, where appropriate, with international
  organizations; and to review the overall level of aid.
       Total aid to the Latin American and Asian developing countries,
                                (ECU million)
  Category                      Latin America      Asia            Total
  1. Humanitarian aid                52.6          212.6           265.2
  2. Development aid              1 040.2        2 932.4         3 972.6
     - of which fin.
       and tech. coop.             (565.1)      (1 384.9)       (1 950.0)
     - of which standard
       food aid                    (373.8)      (1 462.2)       (1 836.0)
  3. Economic cooperation            58.9          112.4           171.3
  TOTAL                           1 151.7        3 257.4         4 409.1
                                  _______        _______         _______
  of which low-income
  developing countries               64.5        2 747.3         2 811.8
  1.    Humanitarian aid: emergency aid, emergency food aid, aid for
        refugees and displaced persons, aid for reconstruction and disaster
        prevention, drug abuse control.
  2.    Development aid: financial and tevhnical cooperation, standard food
        aid, Stabex for LLDCs, cofinancing with NGOs.
  3.    Economic cooperation: trade promotion, "EC International Investment
        Partners", energy cooperation, scientific and technical
        cooperation, training aid, regional integration aid.

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