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  The Commission of the European Communities has given its patronage to
  the third European Yacht Race to be run from 23 July to 14 August 1989
  over a six-stage course from Hamburg to Toulon.  Previous races were
  held in 1985 and 1987.
  The race is part of the Commission's activities to promote a
  "People's Europe" as a follow-up to the recommendations adopted by the
  European Council at Fontainebleau in 1984 and in Milan in 1985.
  The race will begin in Hamburg on 23 July.
  This great Hanseatic city is celebrating the 800th anniversary of its
  foundation this year.  Its history symbolizes the idea of the
  European Community and the maritime tradition.
  A European fair will be organized in Hamburg and in each of the other
  ports of call: The Hague, Southampton, Lorient, Vigo Vilamoura and
  Toulon, where competitors will cross the finishing line on 14 August.
  Full details of the route and timetable are attached.
  The race is restricted to ocean-going multihulls (catamarans and
  trimarans) of between 15 and 22.85 metres, with a crew of at least
  five.  Entrants will be divided into two classes.
  -    Formula I:      18.28m - 22.85m
  -    Formula II:     15m    - 18.28m
  So far, entries have been received from the Federal Republic of
  Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, the Netherlands and
  The Commission's aim in giving its patronage to the UAP European
  Community Open is to make Europe an idea more tangible to Community
  citizens, using a sporting event to give the Community a higher
  The Commission's finiancial contribution, a modest one given media
  coverage of the race, will amount to approximately 6% of the total
  Mr Delors, President of the Commission, and Mr Dondelinger, Member of
  the Commission, plan to attend a press conference to be held at the
  headquarters of the Royale Belge, 25 boulevard du Souverain,
  1170 Brussels, at 1730 hours on 21 March to announce details of the

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