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  The Commission of the European Communities has decided that Racal
  Decca Marine Navigation Ltd had infringed the competition rules
  of Articles 85 and 86 of the EEC Treaty. The Decision follows an
  investigation of a complaint made by Rauff & Sorensen A/S of
  Racal Decca developed the Decca Navigator System (DNS) which
  operates worldwide, including in several EEC countries: Belgium,
  Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.
  The system consists of radio signals transmitted by land-located
  stations and received by devices fitted into vessels. Until 1981
  Racal Decca was the sole supplier of DNS signals and DNS
  Because of its high accuracy, coverage and range there are as yet
  no substitutes for DNS in the relevant EEC area. However, from
  1981 onwards Racal Decca had to face competition from DNS-
  compatible receivers made by other manufacturers which entered
  the market in Denmark and the UK.
  Racal Decca protected its dominant position through market and
  customer allocation agreements which kept important competitors
  (AP-Philips and PE-Navstar) out of the market, and by exercising
  pressure on competitors unwilling to enter into agreements (Rauff
  & Sorensen), in particular by changing radio signals ("jamming")
  in order to cause competing receivers to malfunction. As a result
  of the Commission intervention, Racal Decca has now agreed to
  abandon all these practices which is the reason why no fine has
  been imposed.
  Nevertheless this behaviour of Racal Decca, although ended, was
  an infringement of Article 86 and the agreements they concluded
were an infringement of Article 85 of the EEC Treaty.

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