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  The President and other Members of the newly appointed Commission
  which is to take up its duties on 6 January held a meeting today at
  Villers-le-Temple, near Liège.  Before the start of the Commission's
  deliberations on its future policy and working methods, the portfolios
  were distributed as follows:
  Jacques Delors
       Secretariat-General and Legal Service
       Monetary affairs
       Spokesman's Service
       Forward studies unit
       Joint Interpreting and Conference Service
       Security Office
  Frans Andriessen
       External relations and trade policy
       Cooperation with other European countries
  Henning Christophersen
       Economic and financial affairs
       Coordination of structural Funds
       Statistical Office
  Manuel Marín
       Cooperation and development
                                   - 2 -
  Filippo Maria Pandolfi
       Science, research and development
       Telecommunications, information technology and innovation
       Joint Research Centre
  Martin Bangemann
       Internal market and industrial affairs
       Relations with the European Parliament
  Leon Brittan
       Financial institutions
  Carlo Ripa di Meana
       Nuclear safety
       Civil protection
  Antonio Cardoso e Cunha
       Personnel, administration and translation
       Energy and Euratom Supply Agency
       Small business, distributive trades and tourism
  Abel Matutes
       Mediterranean policy
       Relations with Latin America
       North-South relations
  Peter Schmidhuber
       Financial control
                                   - 2 -
  Christiane Scrivener
       Taxation and customs union
       Matters relating to the overall tax burden (taxes plus social
       security contributions)
  Bruce Millan
       Regional policies
  Jean Dondelinger
       Audiovisual and cultural affairs
       Information and communication
       A people's Europe
       Office for Official Publications
  Ray MacSharry
       Rural development
  Karel Van Miert
       Credit and investments
       Protection and promotion of consumer interests
  Vasso Papandreou
       Employment, industrial relations and social affairs
       Human resources, education and training
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