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  M. Manuel MARIN, Vice-President of the European Commission and
  Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Education, will
  formarly launch the new Community network on vocational training for
  women - named IRIS - at a European Seminar to be held in Brussels on
  12-13 Decemnber 1988.
  This major new initiative on the part of the European Commission,
  which will continue until 1992, is designed to complement the
  strategies which are contained in the Commission Recommendation on
  Vocational Training for Women of 24 November 1987. This
  Recommendation, which is addressed directly to the Member States, has
  as its objective the achievement for women of access to all types and
  all levels of vocational training - a right already bestowed on women
  by Directive 76/207/EEC on the implementation of the principle of
  equal treatment for men and women as regards access to employment,
  vocational training and promotion, and working conditions.
  71 projects from all 12 Member States have been chosen to date for the
  IRIS network, but is is expected that this number will be increased
  over the four year period to 1992. The funding provided by the
  Commission for the IRIS network will promote activities such as
  exchange visits between the projects involved in the network; national
  seminars for each Member State in order to discuss strategies for the
  provision of full acces by women to all types and all levels of
  vocational training; research on information gaps identified during
  the period where appropriate; acces to information publications and
  access to a database on vocational training for women.
                                  *  *  *
  For further information, please contact :
  C. LIEBANA : 236 07 96 / 236 05 14
J. REYNIERS : 235 67 28

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