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  The Commission has just decided, on a proposal from Mr
  SCHMIDHUBER, the Member of the Commission responsible for
  regional policy, to set up a consultative Council of Regional and
  Local Authorities. This move is in response to a wish expressed
  by the European Parliament in a Resolution of April 1984, in
  which the Commission was urged to set up an accredited body
  empowered to speak on behalf of the local and regional
  The Council can be consulted on all matters relating to regional
  development and, more particularly, on the implementation of
  Community regional policy, which includes the regional and local
  implications of the Community's other policies.
  The 42 members of the Consultative Council(1) will all be
  persons holding elected office at regional or local level. They
  will be appointed by the Commission on a joint proposal from
  three organizations : the Council of Regions in Europe, the
  Council of European Municipalities and the International Union of
  Local Authorities.
  Stressing the importance of the Consultative Council,
  Mr SCHMIDHUBER said : "The citizens of the member countries must
  be made aware of the impact of Community decisions on their daily
  lives. If they can make available their own experience to
  Community authorities, they will directly share responsibility
  and their confidence in Europe will thus be strengthened. Setting
  up the Consultative Council is an important step in this
  (1) See annex for the composition
           Allocation of seats on the Consultative Council
                  of Regional and Local Authorities
        Belgium                 2 seats
        Germany                 6 seats
        Denmark                 2 seats
        Greece                  2 seats
        France                  6 seats
        Ireland                 2 seats
        Italy                   6 seats
        Luxembourg              1 seat
        Netherlands             2 seats
        Spain                   5 seats
        Portugal                2 seats
        United Kingdom          6 seats
                               42 seats

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