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  The Commission has authorized Deutsche BP Aktiengesellschaft to
  acquire 45% of the share capital of Fechner Holding GmbH. The
  latter has a majority shareholding in Bruno Fechner GmbH &
  Co. KG (Fechner KG), sharing control with Europaeische
  Brennstoffhandelsgesellschaft, a member of the Ruhrkohle AG group
  of companies, and Stinnes AG, a member of the VEBA group.
  Fechner KG produces a marketable hard coal from low-grade hard
  coal products, high-grade hard coal and coal recovered from
  colliery-tips and sells this product to power stations and
  industrial users equipped with suitable furnaces. As Fechner KG
  does not sell domestic fuel, the merger will have an impact on
  competition in the relevant market, i.e. the Federal Republic of
  Germany, only in the field of power stations and other
  industries. However, Deutsche BP's market share in either case
  will not increase as a result of the merger to the extent that
  workable competition within the terms of Article 66(2) of the
  Treaty of Paris would be affected.
  A special feature of this merger may, rather, have a favourable
  effect on competition in the relevant market, namely the fact
  that, besides fuel oil, BP has access to considerable quantities
  of coal originating in third countries. It can be assumed from
  this that the new shareholder will try in future to sell to
  Fechner KG's customers, who previously covered only part of their
  requirements with the joint enterprise's hard coal product, more
  of its own fuel, be it coal from third countries or fuel oil, so
as to satisfy their remaining requirements.

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