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  The Commission is holding a three-day meeting at the Bibliotheque
  Royale in Brussels starting on 22 October, to mark the launching
  of the European Safety and Reliability Association (ESRA).  It
  will be attended by numerous experts in these fields from
  industry and from the universities of various Member States.
  The opening speech will be delivered by Mr Narjes, Vice-President
  of the Commission of the European Communities, who has special
  responsibility for research and technology.
  ESRA is a Commission initiative.  Long active in the field of
  nuclear safety (mainly through the work of the Joint Research
  Centre), the Commission decided that it would be of value to
  bring together European safety and reliability specialists
  dealing with problems common to a great many fields such as
  chemistry, the oil industry, aeronautics, electronics and
  In consultation with industry, the universities and professional
  associations, the Commission has accordingly set up ESRA, an
  informal association providing a communication network between
  national and international groups, research centres, institutes,
  universities and companies affected by the problems in question.
  It will be able to serve as a framework for the exchange of
  information and research results, setting-up of databases,
  organization of training sessions, etc.
  Some activities have even preceded the official launching.  A
  newsletter is already being published, a course on reliability
  modelling was held last year at the JRC, Ispra, and work has
  begun on a collection of reliability data (Euredata), for
  example. Those taking part in the inaugural meeting will have the
  opportunity to review these early initiatives.  Also featuring on
  the programme are papers by Commission experts, specialists in
  safety problems in the nuclear and oil industries (e.g. in
  connection with offshore drilling) and specialists in reliability
in fields such as robotics and software design.

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