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       The Commission has recently sent the Council a recommendation
  for a decision on the conclusion of a protocol renewing the
  Cooperation Agreement between the European Economic Community and
  Thailand on manioc production, marketing and trade.  The main
  changes proposed for the period after 1986 and later periods, as
  against the current agreement covering 1982-86, are as follows:
       a)  the agreement would run for four-year instead of
  three-year periods;
       b)  it would cover a total quantity of 21 million tonnes over
  each four-year period for the Community of Twelve,
  instead of 18.9 million (on an equivalent four-year
  basis) as at present.  Each year, however, Thai exports
  of manioc to the Community would not be allowed to exceed
  5.5 million tonnes;
       c)  the EEC would continue to apply a maximum import levy of
  6% ad valorem to manioc products as presently imported
  under the Cooperation Agreement, including hard pellets.
       The GATT agreements on manioc concluded in 1982 with
  Indonesia and Brazil have not been denounced and will consequently
  be extended for a further three years, i.e. from 1 January 1987 to
  31 December 1989.
       Following the conclusion and implementation of the manioc
  agreements in 1982, total imports which amounted to 6 672 000
  tonnes in 1981 and 8 840 000 in 1982, fell to 4 504 000 tonnes in
  1983 and 5 257 000 in 1984.  The figure for 1985 is estimated at
  around 5 250 000.
       The overall objective of these agreements, to stabilize
  imports at not more than 6 000 000 tonnes, has thus been
  achieved.  The Commission and Council consequently judged that in
  principle it was in the Community's interest to extend them
  beyond 31 December 1986.
       The Commission is aware that manioc imports are in
  competition with production and marketing of Community cereals,
  and this is why it has explicitly proposed that all quantities of
  cereal substitutes imported should be deducted for the purposes of
  any co-responsibility measure demanded of cereal producers.  Thus,
  not only the cereal equivalent of the additional 525 000 tonnes of
  manioc per year resulting from the extension of the agreement with
  Thailand but indeed the totality of manioc imports are covered by
  the Community budget, and not in any way by cereal producers.
       It should also be noted that, so far, it has been possible to
  limit the total quantity of imports, despite increased
  availabilities of manioc in Thailand.  These are exported to other
       The Commission would also point out that the autonomous
  tariff quota for non-GATT supplier countries has been reduced from
  370 000 tonnes in 1983 and 1984 to 300 000 tonnes in 1985.  The
  Commission has proposed a figure of 200 000 tonnes for 1986.

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