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  The Commission has invited a group of cancer specialists  to meet in
  Brussels today to advise on Community actions   against cancer.  The
  aim is to give impetus and support to the considerable efforts
  currently underway in the Member  States in order to make the greatest
  possible impact.
       The convening of this ad hoc committee was announced by the
  Commission towards the end of last year, as it launched an all-out
  effort against cancer as a follow-up to the conclusions of the  Milan
  and Luxembourg Summits (see IP(85)568).
       About one million citizens of the Community develop cancer  each
  year and a two-pronged assault on this terrible disease is  being
  planned based on PREVENTION AND RESEARCH.  In November 1985  the
  Commission proposed to the Council an action programme on  cancer
  prevention (see P-89) and previously had stated its  intention to
  emphasise cancer research in the new medical research  programme to be
  tabled later this year.
       Community actions should include an INFORMATION CAMPAIGN to
  focus on prevention and aimed at the public, the health  professions
  and the various interest groups.
       Other matters under consideration are campaigns against  smoking
  and other known causes of cancer; research into new  methods of
  detection and treatment; cooperation between research  centres in
  Europe and the training of cancer specialists; and the  means of
  obtaining better information both for research and  planning purposes.
       Given the importance of the problem and the magnitude of the
  task, it has been arranged that the experts will meet again on 19
  February 1986 in Paris and a report will be prepared for the  Council.

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