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Brussels, 19 May 2014

European Union committed to strengthening democracy in Morocco

As part of its SPRING 2013 initiative (Support for Partnership, Reform and Inclusive Growth), the European Union has decided to fund a EUR 3 million capacity-building project for the Moroccan Parliament's Chamber of Representatives. The decision was announced to Moroccan partners in Rabat today by the Commissioner, Štefan Füle.

The Moroccan Parliament has had its prerogatives considerably broadened in recent years, especially following the 2011 constitutional reform. The reform increased the powers of members of parliament in terms of legislative initiative, scrutiny of public policy and control over government action. The analytical tools, working methods and technical and institutional capacities available to the Chamber consequently need to be enhanced. In addition, the constitutional reform has fuelled legitimate expectations among Moroccan citizens, meaning that the Chamber of Representatives will need to become more open and engage in greater interaction with the general public. With this support, the European Union therefore seeks to assist the Chamber of Representatives in the efforts it has undertaken to perform its new tasks effectively and efficiently.


The constitutional reform adopted by referendum in July 2011 enshrined a large number of fundamental freedoms and democratic principles. They include a strengthening of legislative power, which led to a broadening of certain prerogatives of the Parliament and the attribution of new powers. These new responsibilities have prompted an increase in parliamentary activity and a need for a professional approach, requiring an upgrade to the institution's working methods and procedures and to the resources available to it. The Chamber of Representatives has thus adopted a 'strategic upgrade and development plan', which the European Union has decided to support as part of its SPRING programme.

The SPRING 2013 programme, adopted on 18 November 2013, is especially aimed at supporting southern neighbourhood partners in the process of consolidating democratic institutions and human rights.

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