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Press release

Brussels, 31 March 2014

EU supporting consumers in their day-to-day life – for just 5 cents

For just 5 cents per citizen a year, the European Union's consumer programme helps to help citizens fully enjoy their consumer rights and actively participate in the Single Market. The total budget for the programme is €188.8 million for 2014-2020.

The Consumer Programme has a great impact on consumers despite its modest budget. It will serve consumers in all Member States with projects ranging from coordinating enforcement actions, co-financing the European Consumer Centres to assisting national authorities in resolving breaches of consumer laws. "It is an essential element in ensuring that the single market works to the benefit of consumers everywhere across Europe" said EU Commissioner for Consumer Policy Neven Mimica.

Much was achieved by the first Consumer Programme (2007-2013). Amongst the projects funded in that period were enforcement cooperation actions across the EU, educational projects such as the Consumer Classroom and development of the Online Dispute Resolution platform.

The new Consumer Programme will continue to build on these successes, focusing on four key areas:

  • a single market of safe products to the benefit of citizens and in the interest of competitive businesses and traders;

  • a single market where citizens are well represented by effective consumer organisations with the capacity to meet the challenges of today's economic environment;

  • facilitation of access to redress mechanisms in case of problems without needing to resort to court procedures which are lengthy and costly both for consumers and the public purse. Easier redress will give consumers more confidence to participate in the market and contribute to growth;

  • A concrete and effective collaboration between national bodies to support the enforcement of consumer rights and provide the consumers with advice.

Government entities, public bodies and national and EU level consumer organisations, can also apply for support through these funds.

For further information:

Link to MEMO/14/250

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Contacts :

David Hudson (+32 2 296 83 35)

Madalina Chiriac (+32 2 297 44 13)

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