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European Commission

Press release

Brussels, 28 May 2013

World’s major regional organisations discuss democracy and the rule of law

At the joint initiative of the European Commission and International IDEA, major regional organisations’ leaders today took part in the Third High Level Meeting of the Inter-Regional Dialogue on Democracy, dedicated to the Rule of Law, in Brussels.

Regional Organisations increasingly play a role in the field of the Rule of Law and constitution-building, including through initiatives to support the respect for human rights.

Participants discussed how to uphold and strengthen the rule of law from a regional perspective. They also discussed their experiences and lessons learned from upholding and strengthening the Rule of Law and the challenges and limitations they face.

The President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, said "it is a great pleasure to bring the world's major regional organisations, together with the United Nations, around the table to discuss our role and responsibilities in supporting good governance and rule of law around the globe. This event perfectly illustrates some of the EU main convictions: multilateralism, regional integration and respect for fundamental rights and freedoms. These are cornerstones of the European project; they are of paramount importance not only within our borders, but also in our external relations".

"Dialogue among the major regional organisations is key for a cooperative global governance and to well manage our interdependence. And the respect for the rule of law and fundamental freedoms should be at the centre of our action at continental, regional and national levels. This is an initiative which needs to be continued", he added.

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Pia Ahrenkilde Hansen (+32 2 295 30 70)

Raquel Maria Patricio Gomes (+32 2 297 48 14)

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