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Brussels, 8 April 2013

Climate Action: European Commission engages industry to spread best climate practices

On Monday 8 April 2013, industry and public sector representatives from 10 European Member States participate in a field trip to visit leading energy efficiency business-cases in Denmark.

The field-trip is the first in a series of events arranged by stakeholders in support of the Commission flagship campaign on climate action A world you like. Since its launch in October last year, more than 150 partners have joined the campaign as partners and supporters. Over the coming months a number of them will arrange conferences, exhibitions, events and the like to share best practices and increase awareness on how to combine increased climate action with economic benefits and improved quality of life.

This field trip, Engage in Energy Efficient Production, is organised by the Confederation of Danish Industries, in support of the European Commission climate action campaign A world you like, which puts focus on the no-regret solutions where economic benefits and climate action go hand in hand.

"The real climate challenge is to apply the solutions we already know at the necessary speed. So it is crucial to spread the good practices and avoid that everybody tries to reinvent the wheel themselves", said Connie Hedegaard, Commissioner for Climate Action, who will participate in parts of the trip.

The field-trip includes visits to companies from a variety of sectors ranging from foods to industrial components thus demonstrating that economic benefits from energy efficiency is a potential for businesses across the board.

One example is Grundfos, which is among the companies that will receive the participants and show them around its production site. One of the world's leading pump manufacturers, Grundfos has an annual turnover of EUR 3 billion. Since 2008, the company has reduced its production-related emissions by more than 11% through targeted energy efficiency projects – corresponding to a total of more than 14.000 tonnes. In the same period the turnover has increased by almost 20%. In Denmark alone, the company estimates to save annually EUR 2.5 million through energy efficiency.

"For us, energy efficiency is about good business as well as about sustainability. By saving energy and CO2-emissions we reduce our production costs. That improves our profitability and competitive edge. It is really just a matter of common sense", said Grundfos CEO Carsten Bjerg.

Facts on A world you like:

Since its launch in October 2012, the campaign has attracted more than 20.000 followers on social media and more than 150 official partners including public authorities, non-governmental organisations, academia and businesses. A world you like aims to showcase existing cost-efficient solutions for achieving the EU's objective of an 80-95% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, as well as to encourage new solutions.

Facts on Engage in Energy Efficient Production:

The participants represent 17 organisations ranging from private companies, industry associations to think tanks and government bodies.

The participants represent 10 Member States, including Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Sweden and Finland.

Apart from pump manufacturer Grundfos, the participants will visit the food company Danish Crown, and Saint-Gobain ISOVER which develops and produces innovative and sustainable insulation solutions.

For more information:

Commissioner Connie Hedegaard’s website:

A world you like – Campaign website:

A world you like – Campaign Facebook page:

Contacts :

Isaac Valero Ladron (+32 2 296 49 71)

Stephanie Rhomberg (+32 2 298 72 78)

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