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European Commission

Press Release

Brussels, 27 February 2013

99.9%: 2012 EU budget highest ever implementation

The implementation of commitments in the 2012 EU budget amounted to €144.4 billion, or 99.9% of the budget. Payment appropriations in 2012 amounted to €131.7bn (99.6%), almost €10bn more than in 2011. Those are the figures in the information note on budget implementation presented by Commissioner Lewandowski to the college this 27 February 2013.

"This is the highest level of implementation ever achieved by the EU budget", says EU Commissioner for Financial Programming and Budget, Janusz Lewandowski. "It shows that Europe's towns and regions, businesses, students or NGOs to name but a few need and use EU funds, that EU funds make a difference on the ground, across Europe, especially in times of crisis. It also shows that the voted budget was below the needs as some €16bn worth of claims from beneficiaries of EU funds could not be paid in 2012 and were postponed to this year."

The bulk of the payments consists of claims for previously agreed commitments, EU funded projects selected and launched years ago at national level or projects to support EU's Small and Medium Enterprises, students, scientists or NGOs.

Under-implementation (available funding opportunities not used) amounts to €66 million, just 0.05% of available means.

The note is produced for information purposes and is sent to the budgetary authority (European Parliament and Council). It does not include implementation data per Member State.

Link to homepage of Commissioner Janusz Lewandowski:

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Patrizio Fiorilli (+32 2 295 81 32)

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