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European Commission

Press release

Brussels, 21 February 2013

Taxation: Commission refers Belgium to Court over discriminatory tax reduction for Walloon tax residents

Today, the European Commission has decided to refer Belgium to the EU Court of Justice over its discriminatory tax rules in the Walloon Region.

Under the Walloon Decree of 3 April 2009 personal income tax can be reduced when buying shares or bonds of the Investment Fund of Wallonia. However, this reduction applies only to residents of Wallonia. The Commission is of the opinion that excluding non-residents that earn their income in the Walloon Region from this reduction is discriminatory and restricts the free movement of workers which is provided for in EU Treaties. The European Commission sent a reasoned opinion to Belgium in November 2011 formally requesting the Belgian authorities to amend this law (see IP/12/281). In the absence of a reaction of the Belgian authorities the European Commission has decided to refer the case to the Court of Justice.

The referral to the EU Court of Justice is the last step in the infringement procedure.

The Commission's case reference number is 2009/4386.


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