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Press release

Brussels, 6 September 2012

Countdown to Single Market Week under way

2012 marks the twentieth year of the European Single Market, which was officially established on 1 January 1993. This anniversary provides an ideal opportunity to reflect on the achievements of the single market since its creation and on the challenges remaining to realise the potential of the Single Market to create new growth.

The 20th anniversary provides the framework for a range of activities taking place in all Member States and centred on the Single Market Week for New Growth from 15 to 20 October 2012. These activities will focus on three objectives:

  • Recalling the achievements of 20 years of the Single Market;

  • Presenting and discussing new initiatives to stimulate growth in the Single Market;

  • Mobilizing the views and expectations of young adults about the Single Market.

A central interactive event will be organised in Brussels on 15 October in the European Parliament. It will be a mix of stimulating debates, video presentations, discussion rounds, quizzes with the audience and the award ceremony for the "Generation 1992" competition (more details can be found below) with the aim of providing input for future policy. A key focal point of the event will be on the generation of 20 year-olds, who were born in the year when the Single Market came into being and who do not remember Europe as it was before the Single Market. This theme is reflected in a short film which can be viewed here:

Many national events will be organised in the EU Member States in the days and weeks following 15 October. Their aim is to bring together citizens, businesses and public organisations to examine and discuss the state of the single market in a national context.

In advance of Single Market Week, early in October, the Commission will adopt a package of measures to strengthen and deepen the single market, called "Single Market Act 2", following an initial package of single market measures adopted last year (see IP/11/469).

To prepare for Single Market Week, the Commission has today published a brochure entitled "20 years of the European Single Market – together for New Growth", to spread information about the opportunities and benefits of the Single Market for European citizens and businesses. This brochure can be ordered from the Commission, and is available for downloading on the Europa website at the following link:

More information

The Single Market Week website provides more information about the events, both in Brussels and beyond, with a link to register for the central event in Brussels on 15 October:

Generation 1992 competition

In April 2012 a creativity competition campaign was launched aimed at tapping into the views, experiences, insights and expectations of what the single market means to young Europeans today giving young adults born in 1992 the opportunity to express their views on the Single Market (IP/12/358). The campaign will mobilise young adults to create a new way of looking at the Single Market and stimulate debates. The 20 winners will be invited to take part in the Single Market Week in October, where they will present their winning entries at the award ceremony on 15 October.

The competition is open until 9 September. Entries can be submitted via the competition website:

Contacts :

Stefaan De Rynck (+32 2 296 34 21)

Carmel Dunne (+32 2 299 88 94)

Audrey Augier (+32 2 297 16 07)

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