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European Commission

Press release

Brussels, 16 August 2012

European Union mobilises to protect the environment in Algeria

Brussels, 16 August 2012 – The European Commission has approved an ambitious €34 million environmental programme in Algeria. This programme, which will be carried out in partnership with the Algerian authorities, will focus on protecting the Algiers coastal region, which is home to almost 5 million people, and aims to put the environment and efforts to tackle the impact of climate change (for example in coastal development) at the heart of the country’s development policies.

The EU and Algeria have strengthened their ties, and this new programme illustrates the fresh momentum for cooperation.

Urbanisation and economic activities are taking a heavy toll on the environment of the Algiers coastal region, where natural resources (soil, water, biodiversity on land and in the sea) are coming under severe strain.

The Algerian authorities, supported by the European Union, have established a Coastal Development Programme for the Algiers coastal region, which provides for coherent and integrated land-use and land-management planning.

European support will amount to €34 million and will contribute to the implementation of the new strategy, placing particular emphasis on enhancing analytical and monitoring capacities, financial transparency and raising awareness among the public. Support will be given, for example, to a national climate plan, an ecological monitoring system for the coast, management plans for protected areas and studies of public investment costs and recurrent costs, including maintenance. The private sector and civil society will be closely involved in the programme's implementation.

This cooperation programme with Algeria supplements the other EU programmes, particularly regional ones, which have for many years funded environmental protection and measures to combat pollution in the Mediterranean, issues to which the EU attaches great importance.


The main environmental challenges in Algeria concern air quality, management and quality of water resources, waste management, nature conservation, coastal and marine pollution and desertification.

Algeria has developed a national strategy and action plan for the environment and sustainable development. A number of specific sectoral programmes have been adopted, in particular on desertification, waste management and the protection of coastal and marine areas.

The Coastal Development Programme for the Algiers coastal region is part of the National Indicative Programme for Algeria for the period 2011-2013, which details all of the measures funded by the EU in Algeria.

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