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European Commission - Press release

Supporting growth and jobs in Greece - Task Force for Greece second quarterly report

Brussels, 15 March 2012 - Today, the Commission's Task Force for Greece presents its second report on the EU support to Greece. It was created to help Greece implement its challenging reform agenda, which is designed to return to growth and create jobs. The Task Force is the concrete expression of EU solidarity to Greece. With the second financial assistance programme for Greece about to be implemented, the role of the Task Force is even more crucial.

A lot has been achieved since the creation of the Task Force by President Barroso in July 2011. This second report describes progress made in accelerating Greece's absorption capacity of EU funds (above EU average) and in setting up and implementing technical assistance (TA) to Greece in nine key areas with the support of around twenty Member States, the Commission and the IMF.

President Barroso said: "Greece's future passes through restoring both financial stability and growth potential. The support provided by the Commission's Task Force is a key instrument to support growth and jobs in Greece. The solidarity shown by many Member States, the Commission, and other international institutions is a very encouraging signal for this country. Let's build a future for Greece together".

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On 20 July 2011, following consultation with the Greek Prime Minister, President Barroso established the Task Force to provide technical assistance (TA) to Greece. This initiative has been strongly supported by the European Council (21 July paragraph 4) which declared that "…Member States and the Commission will immediately mobilize all resources necessary in order to provide exceptional technical assistance to help Greece implement its reforms…"

The Task Force for Greece (TFGR) started operating in September 2011 and its mandate is to identify and coordinate the technical assistance that Greece needs to deliver commitments that it has undertaken in its economic adjustment programme. It also seeks to accelerate the absorption of EU funds in order to sustain economic growth, competitiveness and employment.

It reports to the President and works under the political guidance of Vice President Olli Rehn. The Head of the Task Force submits quarterly progress reports to the Greek authorities and to the Commission.

The Task Force consists of around 45 persons and is based jointly in Brussels and Athens.

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For more information: Second quarterly report of the Task Force for Greece

Contacts :

Olivier Bailly (+32 2 296 87 17)

Pia Seppälä (+32 2 299 24 88)

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