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European Commission

Press release

Brussels, 6 December 2012

EU announces further support for reform in Lebanon

The European Commission made available additional funding to further assist the Government of Lebanon. Three new programmes will focus on improving the quality of public service and providing the basis for inclusive economic growth for the benefit of everyone living in Lebanon and improving public education at both school and vocational training centre level, as well as promoting social justice, helping to create jobs.

EU Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy, Štefan Füle, said: "Our new support to Lebanon underlines our commitment to on-going cooperation with the country, as well as helping the government to achieve its ambitious reform agenda. By targeting strategic areas such as education, social justice and economic sustainability we are helping to substantially improve the living conditions for the entire population in Lebanon."

The Annual Action Programme 2012 Part II for Lebanon builds on past commitments to the country and amounts to €32 million. It will be divided accordingly:

Stimulating Sustainable Growth and Job Opportunities in Lebanon (€12 million)

Promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth and decent job opportunities is the overall objective of this programme. Activities planned in this programme will contribute to the progressive shift of the Lebanese economy towards a more sustainable and inclusive model. Pilot projects to disseminate good practices, access to finance and innovative banking, awareness raising campaigns and support to draft a policy framework are the main areas of activities.

CLOSER: Community and Labour Oriented Scheme for Education Reform (€8 million)

This project aims to improve the quality and relevance of teaching and learning at Lebanese public schools and vocational training institutes. As such it supports the National Education Strategy and the Education Sector Development Plan 2010-2015 and will help to bridge the gap between decision-makers and practitioners. Provided support will focus on enhancing the achievement rate at school level while ensuring increased transparency and accountability through improved participation of civil society in the reform process. The second component will focus on quality enhancement at the level of vocational and technical education centres.

Promotion of Social Justice (€12 million)

The promotion of democracy, human rights and social dialogue are the core objectives of this programme. It will support Lebanon in its ambitions to meet its international Human Rights obligations, while at the same time reinforcing democratic governance and contributing to shaping a fairer society; with a particular focus on youth, gender and social protection. The programme will develop capacity building activities in support of the parliament, promote and contribute to protect human rights, develop social protection for the most vulnerable population and ameliorate the social dialogue among social partners.


The set of programmes under this Annual Action Programme in favour of Lebanon complement other on-going projects and are aligned with the priorities of the relevant EU communications such as "Increasing the impact of EU Development Policy: an Agenda for Change" and "A new response to a changing Neighbourhood". In doing so, the programmes contribute to the improvement of living conditions while addressing urgent reform needs identified by the Lebanese authorities such as job creation and education reform.

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