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European Commission

Press release

Brussels, 13 November 2012

New EU support for job creation and vocational training for young people in Egypt

The European Commission has approved new programmes for Egypt, to support job creation for unskilled workers, and to enhance the efficiency of the Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) system to better respond to the demands of the labour market and to the country's new socio-economic needs.

The new support for job creation will provide immediate short term employment opportunities to 82,000 workers in small infrastructure projects located in the poorest areas of Egypt. Projects will include construction work and the provision of community services. In addition the EU support will aim to improve living conditions of the most vulnerable population segments.

The support to the TVET system will enhance the skills of young people to meet the labour market's demands, with particular attention to the tourism sector. Two million pupils in the secondary technical education are expected to benefit from this EU support.

EU Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy, Štefan Füle, said: "Our new support is responding directly to the crucial demands expressed by young people in Egypt during the Arab Spring last year and we are committed to helping to provide Egyptian citizens with new job opportunities, which is one of the top priorities of the new Egyptian leadership".

The total value of both programmes is €120 million, where €70 million is marked for programme to create jobs and €50 million for vocational training.

These programmes are part of the overall financial assistance package that the EU is mobilising in support to Egypt's transition and which is being unveiled at the EU Egypt task force on 14 November.


Job creation programme

The €70 million programme on job creation, which aims to contribute to stronger economic and social cohesion, has three main components: (a) Employment-Intensive small scale infrastructure subprojects to include: reduction and cleaning of canal weeds, Nile river bank protection, upgrading rural housing conditions, pavement of rural roads, school rehabilitation, (b) Employment intensive community service subprojects such as solid waste management and collection and early childhood education (nursery) and, nutrition services and (c) Improving workers' employability, with an emphasis on youth employment activities in urban and rural areas.

Technical Education and Vocational Training programme

The €50 million programme on Technical and Vocational Education Training builds on the first phase of EU support to the TVET system in Egypt. The new support will be organised around the following three components: (a) Improving the Governance of the Egyptian TVET system, (b) Enhancing the relevance and quality of TVET: in particular of Technical Secondary Schools and the Vocational Training Centres in various economic areas such as Tourism and Agriculture and (c) Promoting the transition to employment through the development of relevant programmes to match the labour market demand, therefore improving the employability of youth and workers.

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