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European Commission

Press release

Brussels, 19 October 2012

Commission reduces 2013 draft EU budget

Following the usual autumn update of EU funding needs in agriculture, and reflecting the international fisheries negotiations, the Commission agreed today to decrease by EUR 25.1 million its draft budget for 2013 presented this April.

The planned needs for agricultural expenditure now amount to EUR 44.1 billion.

The table below compares the draft EU budget for 2013 (DB 2013) presented by the Commission on 25 April 2012 (please see: IP/12/393 with this updated proposal in the form of an amending Letter both in commitment appropriations (CA – legal pledges to commit money for future payments) as well as in payment appropriations (PA – actual payments to be made).

EUR million

DB 2013 (a)

Amending Letter1/2013 (b)

Difference (c)=(b)-(a)

Ceiling Financial Framework







61 289,0


61 289,0







1 006,6




Total Appropriations Heading 2:
of which:

60 307,5

57 964,9

60 282,4

57 939,8



Agricultural expenditure (market
related expenditure and direct

44 130,3

44 112,9

44 100,5

44 083,1



International Fisheries and Law of
the Sea







Background information:

The Commission, in its initial proposal of 25 April 2012, limited the increase of commitments at the level of inflation (2%) to EUR 150,9 billion and proposed an increase in payments by 6.8%, which amounts to EUR 137,9 billion, to take into account the legal obligations to pay beneficiaries as a result of past commitments already agreed by Member States.

The Council adopted its position on Budget 2013 in July setting the commitments even below inflation (1.27%) and limiting the increase in payments to 2.79%, EUR 5.2 billion less than the Commission's proposal.

The Parliament will vote on the draft budget in Strasbourg on 23 October. This will be followed by three weeks of negotiations between MEPs and the Council, with the European Commission acting as a broker.

Contacts :

Patrizio Fiorilli (+32 2 295 81 32)

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