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Press release

Brussels, 4 October 2012

Commission leads by example at conference showcasing 21st century IT solutions

On 4 and 5 October over 800 IT specialists and policy managers from EU institutions and agencies will attend the European Commission ICT Conference 2012, helping to lay the digital foundations for 21st century EU administrations.

Social media, mobile ICT and other 21st century developments are offering EU administrations possibilities and tools undreamed of by public servants of previous generations. New trends in technology coupled with highly IT-literate societies across the Union are having a huge impact - both on citizens’ expectations and the demands placed on administrations.

The conference will examine these developments and see how they can improve European public administration. Executives from top private sector companies such as Ikea and GlaxoSmithKline will also show how they have benefitted from the massive changes that IT is bringing to the world of work, and outline some of the innovative IT measures they have introduced.

In particular, the conference showcased the Commission's new initiative 'e-Commission 2012-2015: Delivering user-centric digital services'. As part of the Commission's own contribution to the Digital Agenda for Europe, the e-Commission is designed to help the development of digital services and IT solutions in a variety of areas linked to European public administrations.

This includes helping to break down barriers between the various national public administrations in Europe with the use of IT, improving the transparency and accessibility of information, and reducing red tape for citizens and businesses. It will also enhance the Commission's IT security and ensure the convergence of IT systems through the use of innovative technologies.

Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič, responsible for IT services within the Commission, said: "In line with the Digital Agenda, the e-Commission is designed around making life easier for users, the effective and efficient use of resources, and ensuring the security and privacy of citizens and businesses. It is based on the principles of openness and reusability. The Commission will lead by example in delivering these 21st century IT solutions to support EU policies".


A new era of collaboration among public sector actors is emerging. This collaboration needs to be supported by new flexible cross-border and cross-sector IT systems which streamline administrative processes, cut red tape and have user-friendly interfaces. The e-Commission 2012-2015 addresses these challenges and outlines how the Commission will lead in delivering these IT solutions, to support both EU policies and the Commission’s internal administration.

Commission website on the e-Commission:

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