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European Commission - Press release

Environment: Commission asks Italy to comply with Court judgement on end-of-life vehicles

Brussels, 16 June 2011 - The European Commission is urging Italy to comply with a 2007 Court judgement relating to end of life vehicles. The Commission is concerned with continued shortcomings in the transposition of the legislation. On the recommendation of Environment Commissioner Janez Potočnik, the Commission is sending a complementary letter of formal notice asking Italy to adopt measures that fully comply with the legislation. Italy has two months to respond. If Italy fails to correctly transpose the Directive into national law, the Commission may decide to refer Italy back to Court and ask for financial penalties.

The End-of-life vehicles Directive requires Member States to set up collection, treatment and recovery systems for used vehicles. On 24 May 2007 the EU Court of Justice ruled that the Italian national law transposing the provisions of the Directive contained many shortcomings.

Despite several pieces of new legislation adopted since the ruling, in the Commission's view non-conformities still remain. In particular, the requirement to ensure that Member States set up systems for the collection of used parts removed when passenger cars are repaired, as far as technically feasible, is not stringent enough as Italian law only provides that reparation undertakings “may” deliver used parts, as opposed to being “required” to do so.

In addition, according to Italian law the information concerning dismantling, storage and testing of reusable components must be transmitted by manufacturers of components only to collection centres as opposed to all “authorised treatment centres”.

The Commission sent a letter of formal notice on 23 March 2009. After having identified remaining gaps and deficiencies in the legislation adopted in Italy in July 2010 and February 2011, the Commission has decided to send a complementary letter of formal notice.


Directive 2000/53/EC on end-of-life vehicles aims to reduce the amount of waste arising from vehicles which have reached the end of their useful life. Member States have to establish collection systems and ensure vehicles are transferred to authorised treatment facilities and stripped before treatment. They must also ensure that all environmentally hazardous components are recovered. Priority must be given to the re-use and recovery of vehicle components.

For more details on waste policy on end-of-life vehicles, visit:

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See also MEMO/11/408

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