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European Commission – Press release

Maritime security: the Commission welcomes the review of port security assessment and the adoption of a security plan for the port of Malmö

Brussels, 27 October. The European Commission welcomes Sweden's decision to bring forward the review of port security assessment and adopt a security plan covering all the port facilities in the port of Malmö. The Commission had called on Sweden to correctly apply the Directive on enhancing port security, and in particular to implement port security assessments and plans in ports with one or more facilities that are subject to a security plan. As Sweden has notified a full and updated list of the Swedish ports that are applying the Directive and has also remedied the situation in the port of Malmö, the Commission has decided to terminate the infringement proceedings.

The EU rules

The Directive on enhancing port security (Directive 2005/65/EC) is one of the main instruments of maritime security policy, which aims to ensure a high and comparable level of security in all European ports. The main purpose of the Directive is to supplement the measures laid down in the Regulation on enhancing ship and port facility security (Regulation (EC) No 725/2004).

The infringement proceedings

The Commission initiated the infringement proceedings following a visit made by its inspectors to Malmö (Sweden) in June 2010. The Commission considered that Sweden was not correctly applying the security measures needed in ports – in particular in Malmö – for the purpose of implementing the port security assessments and plans provided for in the Directive.

In January 2011, the Commission sent Sweden a letter of formal notice in which it outlined its concerns. This was then followed by a reasoned opinion in June 2011. At the end of 2011, the Swedish authorities recognised the need to include all ports which had been subject to a port security assessment on the list of Swedish ports, and they submitted a revised list of their ports to the Commission. In addition, the port security assessment for Malmö was reviewed, resulting in the creation of a single port in Malmö (Malmö Hamn), made up of eleven port facilities which had previously been eleven separate ports.

The Commission has therefore decided to close the infringement case but it reserves the right to check the implementation of the Directive in the port of Malmö in the course of a follow-up inspection.

Further Information:

For more information: IP/11/722



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