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Brussels, 7 July 2010

Commissioner Georgieva to visit flood hit Romania to express EU solidarity

Commissioner for International Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response Kristalina Georgieva will go to Romania on Friday 9. July to express European solidarity with the country. Furthermore, she will travel to the eastern part of the country, where a high flood wave is expected in the coming days. So far the EU Member States have reacted swiftly to the call for assistance by the Romanian authorities as in addition to the Belgian and Austrian offers, that have been accepted by Romania and the French and Estonian offers that are currently being considered, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria have offered material and man power to help Romania manage the floods.

"It is very touching that countries like Poland or Hungary that have themselves recently suffered the tragedy of heavy floods, and others like Bulgaria that have also been severely affected by floods in the past, have now come to the aid of another Member State afflicted by the same hardship. This is European Solidarity at work. To show my own personal involvement and to get a good overview of the situation in Romania I will be travelling to the country this Friday.", said Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva, responsible for International Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response.


Hungary offered 10 water pumps, 2 power generators, 8 luminous bodies, 2 rolls of geotextile, 5000 paraffin torch.

Poland offered 2 containers with flood protection equipment together with a team of 23 rescuers. Poland also offered a High Capacity Pumping module consisting of , 4 high capacity pumps and 4 muddy pumps, a minimum of 10 vehicles and 29 people to operate the module.

Bulgaria is able to assist with a Team of 20 people and the following equipment: 40 motor pumps; 4 rescue boats with diving, alpine and other rescue equipment; 10 000 sandbags

Immediately after the activation of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism on 2nd of July, France offered 5 pumps, 8 power generators and 1 water purification unit, which will be manned by a team of 30 people. Estonia indicated that the Commission funded Balt Flood Combat High Capacity Pumping module, which is composed by a joint Baltic team with Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian participants, was ready to be moved to Romania if required. Austria offered 10 dirty water pumps and 3 power generators while Belgium has offered 11 pumps, 5 power generators, 1 water purification unit and its conditioning unit. Romania has accepted the Belgian and Austrian offers. The Belgian convoy departed yesterday and will pick up assistance provided by Austria on the way.

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