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Brussels, 06 July 2010

Four Member States offer equipment to cope with the floods after Romania activates the EU Civil Protection Mechanism

On the evening 2nd July, Romanian authorities activated the EU Civil Protection Mechanism requesting support in addressing the severe floods currently affecting the north-eastern part of the country. The request for assistance in form of inflatable dams, pumps, power generators, water purification systems, lighting kits and other material was immediately communicated to all Participating States through the Commission's Monitoring and Information Centre (MIC). Within hours after the activation of the system, France, Estonia, Belgium and Austria made their first offers for assistance, some of which have been accepted by Romania and are on their way to the flooded area.

"Once again Europe has witnessed new examples of solidarity when disaster strikes. I would like to convey my appreciation to the countries that have come to the aid of Romania, and my solidarity to the Romanian people suffering the consequences of the flood. I will use the lessons learnt during recent disasters in Central and Eastern Europe to find ways to improve and reinforce our disaster response capacity in the future", said Kristalina Georgieva, European Commissioner for International Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response.

France has offered 5 pumps, 8 power generators and 1 water purification unit, which will be manned by a team of 30 people. Estonia has indicated that the Commission funded BaltFloodCombat High Capacity Pumping module, which is composed by a joint Baltic team with Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian participants, is ready to be moved to Romania if required. Austria has offered 10 dirty water pumps and 3 power generators. Belgium has offered 11 pumps, 5 power generators, 1 water purification unit and its conditioning unit. These equipments will be manned by 6 people.

Romania has accepted the Belgian and Austrian offers. The Belgian convoy departed this morning and will pick up assistance provided by Austria on the way. Assistance is scheduled to arrive in Romania on the evening of Monday the 5 July 2010.

The offers of France and Estonia are still under consideration by the Romanian authorities.


The European Civil Protection Mechanism facilitates cooperation in disaster response. 31 states participate in the Mechanism (EU-27 plus Croatia, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway). They pool those resources that can be made available to disaster-stricken countries all over the world through the Mechanism. When activated, the Mechanism ensures the coordination of assistance interventions inside and outside the European Union. Such activities are coordinated by the European Commission through the Monitoring and Information Centre (MIC). Since its creation in 2001, the Mechanism has been activated for disasters in Member States (like the forest fires in Southern Europe in 2009) but also worldwide, including recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile.

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