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Brussels, 24 June 2010

Veterinary devices: Commission refers Estonia to Court for not repealing Directive

The European Commission has decided to refer Estonia to the EU's Court of Justice for not implementing Directive 2008/13/EC (which repealed Directive 84/539/EEC on electro-medical equipment used in veterinary medicine).

Directive 2008/13/EC repealed Directive 84/539/EEC in order to simplify the relevant EU legislation. In particular, the method of conformity assessment provided for by Directive 84/539/EEC was no longer necessary for the purposes of the internal market and trade with third countries and the functioning of the internal market and the protection of users and animals could be better ensured by other EU legislation. Member States were obliged to implement Directive 2008/13/EC by December 31, 2008, but Estonia has failed to do so.

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